Nintendo Labo Announced for the Nintendo Switch

Following an announcement earlier today from Nintendo describing a “new interactive experience that’s specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart”, Nintendo has released a trailer for its upcoming new video game/toyset tie-in entitled “Nintendo Labo”. Building off of a packaged building kit which Nintendo are dubbing “Toy-Cons”, Nintendo Labo is a game that comes bundled with a DIY building kit that can range from building things from 13-key pianos and fishing poles, to even bigger things like a robot-building kit. The game looks to work in unison with the crafting sets to show how to build these crafts, as well as tying the Switch itself to each craft with things like the Joycons and Tablet itself going into different parts of the completed kits. The two varying kits Nintendo has presented so far are the Variety Kit priced at $69.99 USD, which comes with 5 different DIY projects ranging from a motorbike to a piano to even two small RC cars. Finally the Robot Kit priced at 79.99 USD, which comes with everything to sample yourself into a mecha,centralized around a backpack who’s strings tie to other smaller parts around you like a visor and foot straps. Nintendo Labo and its two separate building kits are set to release on April 20th of this year.


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