Is This Deja Vu? Why Red Dead Redemption 2’s Delay Seems Rather Familiar

Earlier today, Rockstar Games announced that its most anticipated sequel to its GOTY winner across multiple video game websites, Red Dead Redemption, has been delayed from its supposed leaked date of June 8th to October 26th of this year. While this does come as a major disappointment for most, if you recall Rockstar’s last major produced title, this announcement will come as less of a surprise.


If your mind went back immediately to the release following Rockstar’s last critically-acclaimed title, Grand Theft Auto V, then this delay might feel all the more familiar. Flashback to October of 2011, when Rockstar officially announced GTA V with its logo, immediately a week later posting its official trailer for the game itself. Following Rockstar releasing more trailers and its supposed leaked release time frame from retailer GAME, Rockstar had announced that GTA V was set for an official release window of Q2 of 2013 (April-June). Unfortunately that release window had been missed in favor of Rockstar announcing on January 31st of 2013, that GTA V had been delayed from its Q2 time window to the release date of September 17th of 2013 in favor for “…more polish to be of the standard…”. Coincidence that Red Dead 2’s delay announcement was a day after GTA V’s was five years ago? Maybe. Maybe not.

(Source: VG247)

Bringing us back to now, Red Dead Redemption 2 being the first Red Dead game in the series true to current gen consoles, getting a delay announcement isn’t too far fetched to hear coming from Rockstar. Being that the development of RDR2 has been following a good amount of the same beats as GTA V in its initial development cycle, even including its initial retailer release date leak, Rockstar delaying the game to allow for more “…extra time for polish” is more welcoming especially considering GTA V’s critical reception and accolades following its release that year. While 2013 made GTA V a strong contender for Game of the Year that year, 2018 may have Red Dead Redemption 2 going against some strong contenders this year amongst other supposed major releases to follow this year. However with this delay, time will tell if this delay will have worked in Rockstar’s favor for RDR 2’s launch come October 26th, 2018.

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