Four “Nindies” Titles to Tide Over Until Later This Year

Earlier today, Nintendo presented its “Nindies” showcase of 2018, highlighting some of the confirmed titles coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. With a few titles like Mark of the Ninja Remastered, Lightfall, and The Banner Saga leading the way, the indie scene on Nintendo’s hybrid console is looking to still remain strong this year. While it looks like most will be coming around Q2-Q3 of 2018, here are four titles now available on the eShop to tide you until then.


Kicking off this list is already one of the Nintendo Switch’s most acclaimed indie titles to come out earlier this year. Celeste sees your character, Madeline, climbing Celeste Mountain in an effort to conquer the mountain in order to find her “true self”. The game has a very atmospheric setting as well as a extremely precise emphasis on platforming and movement. Well received by many different critics, and priced at only $20, Celeste is an astonishing title that’s certainly worth the price of admission.


Furi- $19.99

Originally released back on the PS4,Xbox One, and PC back in 2016, Furi is a game that masterfully balances multiple different genres into one. The game manages to mix bullet hell shooting with a 1v1 Boss Rush system that sees your character, The Stranger, going up against a myriad of different bosses with different fighting styles. With a perfect blend shooting and an almost rhythmic parrying system of melee combat, coupled with a neon futuristic soundtrack almost reminiscent of Hotline Miami, Furi is a fantastic indie title that has no equal.



Developer Rayark Games have been developing a variety of different rhythm games onto the iOS and Android marketplaces respectively since 2012. With an all-to-brief presence of their first title “Cytus” on the Playstation Vita/Playstation Mobile platform back in 2013, it wasn’t until 2017 that brought a resurgence of its most recent title, VOEZ, back onto consoles. The game blends multiple different genres from Trance to Pop music onto a tapping and sliding style of movement that’ll keep your fingers almost dancing across the screen. And with the recently-added controller support for the Pro Controller and Joycons, its been made even easier now to carry the game with you on-the-go.


Battle Chef Brigade-$19.99

November 2017 brought forth the excellent Battle Chef Brigade by Adult Swim Games and Trinket Studios. Combining brawler and puzzle style elements, Battle Chef Brigade was a well recieved game for its very appealing gameplay style and story. Not to mention that the completely hand-drawn animations also used in other titles such as Banner Saga, made the presentation equally as alluring as a main food course dish.

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