Final (Financial) Fight: Penny Punching Princess Preview

Cash rules everything around me. That term will be put into the most literal of definitions after seeing the release of Penny Punching Princess. Penny Punching Princess is an upcoming Action RPG by NIS America that looks to blend the combat styles of a brawler, with the added twist of buying your way back up the financial food chain.


In the game you play as a country-less princess whos out for revenge against the “Dragoloan” family after they’ve destroyed your kingdom with their immense and corrupt amounts of loaning debts. So now starting from the bottom,you and your zombie relative Isabella,  have to rise back into your kingdom with nothing but your fists and an immensely growing amount of money at your side.

Source: NIS America

On the game’s World Map, your able to take on different levels as well as manage different sections of the kingdom your able to buy back with the gold you make. As you progress, your able to buy back stores to buy equipment that improve your character from attack damage to defensive ability. Each of the levels are isometric stages in which you move to different parts of the map that eventually section off for fights. The gameplay looks to play like a regular three button brawler, with different attacks varying from a regular primary, to a knock back, to different special moves as well. The kicker here is not only can you fight yourself to earn money, you can use that money earned to bribe other enemies to joining your cause. During the fight, you can pull up a small calculator on screen, enter in a money amount, and depending on the amount entered you can select and recruit enemies to fight for your cause. Even if you have enough money, you can call upon a resident deity which can perform miracles such as decimating your foes, giving you buffs, or even reversing a game over entirely for one instance of your death.


Penny Punching Princess looks to be bribing its way onto the PS Vita and Nintendo Switch in North America on April 3rd, 2018.

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