Wipeout Omega Collection VR: First Impressions

Back at Playstation Experience in December last year, Sony Interactive released an upcoming trailer for a free Playstation VR update coming in 2018 to their flagship racing series compilation, Wipeout Omega Collection. Earlier this week the update was finally released, and the mode certainly does not disappoint.  


Immediately upon boot-up of the game (which varies depending if you have the VR on and ready or not) the UI has been accustomed to the headset, with various AG machines zooming past you in different sections of the menu. Certainly by far one of the more positive additions to the VR update is the overall sense of depth and detail that you can further reach with the game’s photo mode. Wipeout Omega Collection already boasting a great photo mode between each game, significantly boosts that quality with the addition of you being able to get even closer with the VR headset to see the finest detail amongst each machine.

Left: Original/Right: VR Version

Speaking of machines, nearly all of the machines across both 2048 and HD/HD Fury have seen a change of design in order to accustom to the headset. A motif of having two sides sticking out of the varied machines has been added to each of the machines in an effort to uphold a sense of balance while racing, with only slight variations depending on whether its a fighter class, speed class, etc. With this change and the variants of camera controls, it makes the racing experience as a whole much smoother in regards to fast motion across the multiple different tracks. The sense of scale and verticality of the different tracks as your going nearly up down and all around is something brilliant in its presentation that its experience in VR is like no other. 



In the racing itself, not only is there a camera control to race in the game’s native perspective, there are also now a true cockpit view with three different options for head movement. One does motions of the camera in lou of the machine itself, one with the track, and one gives you free full-head motion. The first two do a great job of keeping the cockpit centered and stationary while the rest of the machine moves, even when doing barrel rolls across different jumps. The free range motion however gives you complete head movement even across its sharp turns and barrel rolls which can get pretty hectic on the eyes after a short time. Especially with the entire game and all of its tracks being playable in VR, finding a camera control that’s comfortable for you is almost paramount to long sessions of gaming.

One warning that may pop up before you select depending on the track itself

Overall Wipeout Omega Collection has received a well-favorable update to its formula that certainly makes for an enticing addition for those with a PS VR. The scale and certainly its detail have been improved to a much finer degree that makes for a smooth and most of all, a more customizable racing experience. While the photos here may not do a justice, Wipeout Omega Collection is a racing game that dares to be played in VR.

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