A Year in Remembrance: Persona 5

After the two month delay that truly took the hearts of many, on this day one year ago, Persona 5 was released worldwide in all other countries outside of Japan.


For those that dont know, Persona 5 is the (technically 6th) installment in the Persona franchise which sees you playing as a protagonist that after a certain mishap, moves to modern day Tokyo and gets caught in a string of injustices. He along with his schoolmates eventually discover an entirely different world that exists called the “Metaverse” in which they discover their powers known as “Personas” and must use them to change the hearts of the many wrongdoers of these injustices across Japan.  

Source: Polygon

The gameplay itself follows the traditional JRPG format while still inhabiting its Persona capturing style that outlined the Shin Megami Tensei series for years and years. You do turn-based battles with your enemies by discovering different elemental and even physical weaknesses and using them to best them in an effort to further strengthen your various personas. Not only can your strengthen your personas but you can also converse with your enemies in an effort to get them to either give you useful items or even to join your cause.

Persona 5 not only balanced having a presentation and style that was like no other, but had a very satisfying gameplay schedule between going through dungeons and maintaining a fruitful school/social life. It was awarded with a many of different accolades and awards including “Best RPG” and “Best Music in a Game”. If you haven’t given Persona 5 a shot yet, its one of the best RPGs of the past year and its certainly not one to be overlooked!

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