“Rhythmic Bliss”- Musynx Review

The Nintendo Switch since its release has seen a bevy of ports from not only Wii U titles, but from what was once only mobile titles as well. Companies like PM Studios have been successfully publishing a suite of rhythm games like Deemo, Superbeat Xonic, and Voez (coming soon in physical) to the Switch with added support for future music updates as they release. It is with this that PM’s most recent release, Musynx, is here now for the Switch and it treads a fine balance of difficulty and music selection amongst its nearly 50+ songs from the outset.


For those unaware, Musynx is a 4/6 button rhythm game that has been out on mobile devices since a few months back in March of 2018. Since then, the game has gotten support for console releases on not only just the Switch, but to the Playstation Store on PS4 and Vita as well with physical versions being released by Limited Run Games.


The gameplay follows in the same noticeable style of notes coming at you from overhead and you have to press or hold the notes within the proper timing of the music. The music on hand is as diverse as ever with genres ranging from starting genres like Pop,R&B, and Chinese Vocaloid to more difficult genres like Trance, J-Core, and Dubstep. As you go further into the genres, one cool thing Musynx does is change the motif of the notes/board to match the overall feel of the songs. The difficulty is scaled rather decently with some available options to change things like note speed and 4 or 6 button inputs. With the Switch version, as with other rhythm games, doing the more difficult songs in handheld mode was a little bit of a daunting task due to the placement of the four face buttons on the left joycon. If you do truly wish to nail those later tracks with ease, I found using the Pro Controller to be a much easier alternative with the Switch either propped up or just in docked mode. Using the touch screen as well also makes doing the more difficult tracks more viable with the Switch’s reasonably sized screen similar to a tablet. 


However that is by no means a deal breaker in the slightest. Musynx displays a beautiful synchronous balance of music, aesthetic, and gameplay that makes it a must for rhythm game veterans and even for newcomers alike. And with a $30 price tag plus promise of free music updates planned for the future, its easy to see why Musynx makes for a fantastic addition to the Switch’s growing library of rhythm games!

Verdict: BUY

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