A Toast To Shovel Knight

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to propose a toast to the truest man amongst men of not only just the hour, but of many many years beyond and that honor goes to Shovel Knight. My oh my where has time gone, since your debut announcement back in March of 2013 from Yacht Club Games on Kickstarter, not even a month later saw your first foray successfully funded by over 14,000+ backers. Roughly about a year later in June 2014 (after following a few delays), your first digital version was finally released to the masses on PC, 3DS, and Wii U following with near perfect reception from amany of reviewers across the net. If reaching the award for Best Indie Game from The Game Awards that day wasn’t enough, the future only made it look brighter as the next year went on.


Fast forward a year later and your magnum opus would finally be coming to more major consoles such as the PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. While that was true, it unfortunately wasn’t without a few caveats that came within the way of your retail debut. Originally meant for the beginning of October, it had to be delayed for the latter of the month with North America not seeing it until the beginning of November. Not only that but the Xbox One’s physical version was extremely marred in its release that it was eventually canned entirely. A bit of a disappointment for those of the Xbox crowd who’s desire to see a physical release was dashed. While that was a bit of a disappointment, it didn’t mean you wouldn’t come back swinging with full force that same year. Funny enough while it wasn’t you who’d be coming back swinging,it’d be one of your evil cohorts, Plague Knight.

Source: Game Idealist

Yes, you Plague Knight. With Yacht Club’s announcement of its first of many playable separate boss campaigns, you were first up with your release of the Plague of Shadows DLC. Coming at the low low price of zero dollars and zero cents, your campaign touted new stages as well as a bevy of new bosses and challenge that brought a breath of fresh nostalgia-permeated air to Shovel Knight’s already enticing gameplay model. Game critics showered it with praise. Now while I do have to hand it to Plague Knight for your fantastically done campaign, there is one more mention i have to make to a certain individual and that is to Spectre Knight.


Spectre Knight, you being the second to last to round out this 4x package to eventually become known as the Treasure Trove, came out as the Spectre of Torment in March of 2017. Following the same model akin to Plague Knight’s foray two years prior, you bought your new gameplay style to the table touting a more agile yet still strategic approach that changed the way players carried themselves through stages. Flash forward a month later, and the Treasure Trove Collection was finally formed, with one more cohort in the form of King’s Knight coming at a later date in the future.

Source: Nintendo Everything

But all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you at the helm of it all, Shovel Knight. From the launch of your initial game to your current standing today, it indeed has been quite a ride of some downs but certainly more ups. Not to mention others have taken notice of your success with you seeing cameos in other titles such as the Yooka-Laylee, your more recently announced cameo in Rivals of Aether, and even in the upcoming Nintendo Switch’s killer app, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as an assist trophy. Yes, your journey has been quite a ride, and certainly doesn’t have any signs of stopping, but to you and and alot of others we hope your future endeavors show other upcomers of one of the finest Kickstarter success stories ever told. Here’s to you, Shovel Knight!

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