The State of Shadow of the Tomb Raider

2018 has already been rather gracious with its plethora of new game releases. With games like Spider-Man selling nearly 3.3 million on its launch day alone, to Red Dead Redemption 2 just some time away to break even more records for Rockstar, the latter Q3/early Q4 period has graced us with some big titles with more on the horizon. But there’s another one that’s almost completely fallen off of the grid since its initial release, and that one’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Released a mere week after Marvel’s Spider-Man back in September, Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released on all major consoles (PS4, Xbox One, and PC) at the same time this time around. Critics received the game with generally good praise for it being a solid conclusion to this reboot which started almost five years ago. Most of the praise however went to most of the gameplay segments and new tombs which stand at the forefront of interest and challenge, while the story and primary character focus of Lara herself was put to the backseat.

Source: Trusted Reviews

According to, during the weekend after Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s release, physical sales in the UK dropped nearly 70% than its predecessor “Tomb Raider” did back when it released in 2013. While Square Enix or Eidos Montreal have yet to have released any US physical or digital sales figures since its launch almost a month ago, about a month has passed and sales/discounts have already been seen for the game. Major game retailers such as Gamestop, Amazon, and Steam have had sales for the game both physical and digital versions respectively for almost as low as $40 (that’s nearly 35% of its original price within a month). While normally that’d be fine for a game some months within its release, for it to be only about a month since its launch, it certainly doesn’t bode well for its release and sales numbers so far. However with the game’s season pass looking to focus less on primary story content and more on side content and challenge tombs (the game’s primarily noted strong focus) with its first major DLC coming in November (entitled “The Forge”), that may slightly help to resurface the game.

Source: Variety

Was Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s sub-optimal release date along with its other triple-A competitors of the quarter a financial body blow for Square/Eidos? As we come closer to the holiday’s and the end of the gaming year, only time will tell.

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