“A Dive into the Sea”- The Works of Deep-Sea Prisoner Part 1: “Mogeko Castle”

Some many years ago, when eventually getting to know a colleague of mine, they decided to show me into the works of Deep Sea Prisoner, an alias known online with which their background remains shrouded in mystery. After playing through their works’, I’d love to shine some light on some of the games they’ve created which has developed its own small fanbase over the years.

Deep Sea Prisoner, also known as Funamusea on Twitter, is a individual(s?) that have been the progenitor of their own small series of RPG Maker-based games. If you’re familiar with series’ like Corpse Party and Angels of Death, both of those started off originally as RPG Maker games which with enough of a following respectively earned both games with anime and manga iterations. Being that we’re on the edge of October and Halloween is fast upon us, we’ll be first taking a look at Deep Sea Prisoner’s first (and certainly rather curious) foray into adventure games known as, Mogeko Castle.


Mogeko Castle, released back in April of 2012, was DSP’s first foray into RPG Maker-based games that released on their own website. While technically this is the first of their works to release to the general public, it wasn’t actually until its remake done in a new RPG Maker engine (RPG Maker VX Ace) in 2014 that the game gained stronger ground and the developed fanbase that has existed to this day. Mogeko Castle places the player as Yonaka Kurai, a seemingly normal high school girl who falls asleep on a train on her way home from school. Oversleeping and missing her stop, she ends up on the last stop which takes her to Mogeko Castle, an ominous castle ridden with these adorable,yet absolutely strange and crazy monsters called Mogekos.


On the surface, while the game has a very cute veneer and art style in its character design and setting, it very much is an 18+ adventure game as the road ahead isn’t always lined with cuteness and friendly themes (and specifically prosciutto). Some of the themes you run into do eventually show its more mature themes and horror segments so its certainly not ones for the feint of heart or prone to loud noises as par the course for some jumpscares. As for the gameplay its nothing too intensive as you mostly go from place to place, absorbing everything in what this castle and its denizens has to offer. The game surrounds itself in a alluring shadow of mystery of exactly what these Mogekos are and who was the founder of the strange castle they inhabit. The other best part about this is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes for some rather funnier bits sprinkled throughout your venture through the castle, mostly taking form of some of the Mogekos themselves.


Without going too heavily into spoilers, Mogeko Castle is a game that, if your up for at least, is a rather charming game in its own strange right. This one being DSP’s first actual title, they did a great job of doing an adventure game that while can be completed with a few sit-downs,doesn’t detain from its mysterious (and a little bit silly) factor of seeing where its story goes. However while this one was rather strong, as you begin to see in DSP’s games after that, they really begin to take penchant on strong character building. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I’ll be highlighting Deep Sea Prisoner’s second and other most prolific title, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.


Download Link: https://bit.ly/2kUfXtR

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